Friday, July 31, 2009

Dress Up to Commit for a Lifetime

Although marriages are said to be made in Heaven, the preparations for it are completely temporal. The most important part of any marriage ceremony is the bridal accessories. Nowadays, it is a trend to have theme parties. A theme serves to invigorate a party. So dressing up to that theme is very essential.

Dressing up for theme wedding parties

Some innovative themes and bridal wedding accessories to go with it are as follows:
  • A Fairy Tale Wedding – Bridal accessories are very essential to enhance the theme. Such weddings would require the right kind of ambience. And the bridal costume can lend the particular feel to the setting. Some of the themes are that of Cinderella, Snow white and the seven dwarfs, and Sleeping beauty. For a theme like Cinderella, hairpieces, flowers, sparkling beads are a must but most important of all is a pair of glass slipper. Snow white and the seven dwarfs would be quite a challenge because apart from ball gown and tiaras, one would also have to organize seven dwarfs. Dressing up Sleeping Beauty would also be a challenge since she would not be sleeping in case it is her wedding. So it would take up a lot of one’s creative potentials.
  • Beach Bridal Theme – A beach wedding theme is one of the most romantic kinds of marriages. Generally wedding with this theme takes place at sunrise or sunset. Sunset is most popular. Coral looking flowers, laces, bouquets shaped like shells, with the color of flower like particular fish, jewelries made of pearls, shells or beautiful beach pebbles are some of the ideas of bridal accessories. The wedding rings can be placed in seashells. Instead of wood or twig baskets, the flower girls can carry seaweed baskets.
Winter Weddings

Bridal accessories at winter weddings will need some addition. There will be the usual jewelry, flowers, veil but the bride will have to include a jacket or a shawl to keep out the cold. She may also want to include a pair of gloves. Gloves can be of various types. They can be till the wrist or fingerless gloves or lacy gloves. Satin gloves or opera length gloves are also popular choices. In case it is very cold the bride might prefer opera gloves since it s warmer than lacy gloves. A mink wrap or a mink shawl can be an ideal cover for the shoulders. Mini mink jackets are available too, in case it is extremely cold. A pair of mink earmuffs can keep the bride’s ears warm.

Armed with these tips you can now try to organize weddings – your own or others – on these lines. If you feel the need for more information then all you have to do is to search in the World Wide Web and before long, you will have all your requirements fulfilled.

I Have Turned Sixteen! Yippee!

Having a sweet sixteen party is quite a rage these days. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, the girl is at the threshold of adulthood and the occasion deserves to be celebrated. But even after the theme, location, and food has been decided, the party will remain incomplete without favors. Favors are essential if you want to make it memorable for your daughter and her friends.

Some unique sweet sixteen favors
  • For a girl who is vivacious, charming as well as chic, nothing can be a better gift than high fashion compacts, or funky manicure sets or even photo frame shaped like fashionable handbags or high-heeled shoes.
  • For a girl who is a bookworm, nothing will please her better than a book by her favorite author, or a bookmark with a sixteen molded on the top and perhaps, highlighted with rhinestones.
  • For movie buffs, there are a whole set of favors. There are favors shaped like movie clipboard, place card holders which double as picture frames, candles that double up as place card holders as well as place card holders which the sixteen-year-old can later use as photo stands.
  • If a teen is an aspiring chef then you can gift him a cookie cutter shaped into the number sixteen.
  • For a teenager who loves the beach, flip flop photo holders or flip flop playing cards is a fun favor for both male and female.
  • Key chains make for awesome gifts for both male and females on every occasion. Even for this occasion, key chains form a suitable token for appreciation and love for all the teens who have attended the sweet sixteen party of your daughter.
Theme favors

A theme serves to invigorate the party. In case the sweet sixteen party has a theme, the favors should be in sync with it. In case the theme is something like fairy tales, shopping or beauty salon, the teen may want to give castle shaped picture frames, or maybe a cute purse manicure set or even a bottle of pink nail polish. Musical candles, cute notebooks, and personal diaries are some other cute options. Favors of candies, chocolate and cookies are also popular. Chocolates shaped like rose, heart, star, castles are some of the fun gifts.

So now since you have some idea as to what sort of favors would be liked best by your daughter and her friends, go ahead and organize a rocking party. Make it the most memorable teen party for her and her buddies.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Communion Favors: A Reminder of Precious Moments

Communion favors act as a reminder of the precious moments spent with friends and family. Communion is a practice that is meant to be observed repeatedly through the life of a Christian. It represents a holy time of worship, when Christians come together to remember the sacrifice of the Lord. The first communion of a child is a religious milestone and a cause of great celebration, with both family and friends forming a part of the festivities. The parents of the children who are to receive the sacrament of the first holy communion need to plan out the celebration in detail.

Role of Communion Favors
Communion favors act as memoirs of this happy and wonderful occasion. They are also a way of saying “thank you” to guests for participating in the celebrations. A plethora of gift ideas, such as mint tins, chocolate cross, candles, magnets, angel photo frames, bookmarks, prayer cards, honey jars and key chains, can be selected as communion favors. Personalization and eye-catching packaging of these gifts can make the communion favors even more attractive.

The guests at a communion are sure to be thrilled to receive favors and be touched by the thought behind them. They will reminiscence about the occasion and its hosts whenever they see the communion favors.

Planning a Communion
The first step in planning a communion is to prepare the guest list. This should be followed by deciding on the venue. Invitations to guests can range from a simple handwritten message to a formal custom printed card. Another option is to use the first communion remembrance cards as invitations. These remembrance cards have the child’s name and the communion date printed on either the back or the front. The food to be served needs to be selected and the cake to be cut needs to be ordered. Personalized napkins and communion favors are increasingly being used to make the event a memorable one.

Selection of Communion Favors
Selecting the communion favors forms an integral part of the overall planning. Communion favors should be special keepsakes that one’s friends and family will treasure for long. To symbolize the occasion they represent, the communion favors need to be chosen with careful consideration and can be custom made to give them a personal touch.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Personalized Wedding Favors: To Say a Big Thank You

Personalized wedding favors should be chosen with great care and thought. They should be meaningful and unique. Choosing wedding favors that would please everyone is quite challenging.

Why Personalized Wedding Favors?
A wedding is one of the biggest and happiest events that is celebrated and the guests who attend the wedding play an important role in making the day truly special. Therefore, they really deserve a big “thank you.” Moreover, wedding favors are great mementos of the joyous occasion and guests look forward to receiving them.

Personalized wedding favors are a great idea to make your guests feel special, to convey your gratitude and to give them something to remember the event by. Wedding favors can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. To make it more cost effective one can choose to have initials instead of the full names on the favors. A “thank you” note or attaching ribbons and tags can also help to give the gifts a personal touch.

Are Wedding Favors Essential?
Most people consider a great number of details while planning a wedding. One wants to make the wedding a special occasion and hopes that it would be memorable for all. Wedding favors are a cost effective way of pleasing your guests. Although wedding favors are not critical, they have become very much a part of tradition and are expected by most guests. These “thank you” gifts have become exceedingly popular and personalized wedding favors are highly sought after.

Selection of Personalized Wedding Favors
Personalized wedding favors can be a reflection of the bride’s or groom’s personality or just a keepsake that the guests are likely to treasure for times to come. While these favors needn’t be expensive, they should appear elegant and tasteful. Most importantly, they should convey a heartfelt “thank you” and your appreciation of the efforts made by your guests to attend the wedding.

Personalized wedding favors can be based on the theme of the wedding or the season in which the wedding is held. They can be selected keeping in mind their usefulness or uniqueness. Of course, budget plays a big role in choosing the perfect personalized wedding favors.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Christening Favors

After the fun of a relaxing christening party, it is time to thank your guests for their time and effort. It is their presence that has added to the joy of the occasion and a fitting token of gratitude will make them feel appreciated. Many of them may have sacrificed something or the other to be there for you and your baby. So, baby christening favors are a wonderful way to wrap up your christening party. The favors you give away will serve as lasting memories of the occasion that you and your guests can cherish for a long time to come. Baby christening favors are a fantastic way to thank your guests.

Baby christening events are a bag of opposites. They are different from other parties. For one thing, christening parties tend to be solemn events as there are definite religious and emotional overtones to these events. These events are generally attended by close friends and family members. Thus, they are less formal than other social events. So, you have to be really careful when you select baby christening favors. On the one hand, the favors you give should be in keeping with the seriousness and religious flavor of the event. At the same time, these tokens should also express your warmth and genuine pleasure. Additionally, you must give away something that your guests will appreciate. Only then will the gesture have any meaning in the larger scheme of things.

Baby christening favors may be religious or non-religious. Although the event has serious religious overtones, it is wrong to think that the favors you give away have to drive religious ideas home. Baby christening favors are only meant to be tokens of pleasure. So, ideally, these should not cost you a ridiculous amount of money. It is more important to give away something that is useful. These days, more and more families opt for baby christening favors that have a unique personal touch. This shows your guests how much you appreciate their presence and adds an unmistakable dash of warmth to the gift.

If you are blessed with some creative flair, you can always make your own baby christening favors. Favors that you make yourself will have special significance and your guests will love it. However, the one thing you have to remember is that you need quite a number of favors since these are to be given away to all your guests. So, while making one or two items is easy, making 30 or 40 of them may be quite a task to set for yourself. Instead, you can choose the easier option and order baby christening favors from a reputed manufacturer. If you want to add a touch of warmth and individuality to it, simply ask for personalized favors. Many companies allow you to send a personal message that can be inscribed on the gifts. No doubt, personalized favors cost a little more than non-personalized items. But, if you feel that your guests are worth the additional amount, then, by all means, go for the personalized tokens.

Baby christening favors are a gift to all the special people who have come to grace the occasion of your baby’s christening. Such an event really deserves a gift from the heart, however big or small. Such gifts will make the occasion something that people will truly remember for a long time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Party Favors

If you are going to celebrate a wedding in the near future, then you must be knee deep in the preparations leading up to the event. There are a hundred and one things to take care of, and only one you! So, did you think about what you will be giving out as your wedding party favor?

Wedding party favors are traditionally handed out by the bride and groom to guests who attend the wedding party. It is a token of love and appreciation for people who are dear to your heart, and who have taken the trouble to make it to your wedding. Whether it is a beautifully designed keychain, intricate candle holder or a ceramic decorative piece, guests love to leave a wedding clutching a small memento that reminds them of the special day.

The tradition of handing out wedding party favors is supposed to have started during the times of the ancient Romans, who gave sugar coated almonds to guests to symbolize the sweet and bitter times that are a part of every marriage. Today, couples come up with innovative ideas as wedding party favors. Cookies, chocolates and the like are passé. Instead you see handmade sachets, small intricately designed vases, personalized gifts, holiday ornaments and plantable petals and cones given out as wedding party favors.

One of the best things about modern technologies and innovations in gifting is the amount of flexibility you get when it comes to budget, selection and personalization. These days, you can personalize any gift to any degree. For example, you can present a frame with your name etched on it, or you may gift a keychain with your guest’s name on it. Or, you may even give away gifts with a verse or a message engraved on it. The options are unlimited and the only factor that limits your freedom is the amount of money you are willing to shell out.

Picking the perfect wedding favor may seem like a challenging task, but it really is not. If you consider the significance of the moment and your ties with the people who will be attending your party, it is easy to come upon the ideal gift that sits nicely within your budget. The secret to selecting the best wedding party favors is not the money, but the planning that goes behind it. There are endless options when it comes to variety of choices. You may select edible gifts or gifts that can be planted and grown to give your guests a lifetime of happiness. You may select a gift that sticks to the theme of your wedding, if you so wish. For example, favors like shell or steel pins shaped like oyster shells are excellent favors for a beach wedding party. Custom made wedding party favors are an inexpensive but touching way of expressing your feelings. Personalized favors with your name and the date of the wedding etched on it will be a keepsake that your guests will enjoy tremendously for a long time to come.

When it comes to selecting wedding party favors, what is important is the thought behind the gift. So, plan early, order your gifts in time and watch your guests lighting up with pleasure when they get their wedding favors.